Old guy fight alert

When I say this from my heart, I’m truly gutted about my relationship with Mike Perry, because we was good friends. We was DMing each other and it was fun and then I don’t know what happened. I must have crossed a line.”

– Darren Till, recounting the demise of a beautiful friendship that ended over jokes gone too far. Brother, we been there.


So get this. Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. are going to box. Each other. In the year 2020. In an eight-round exhibition bout. And before you rush off to Google it, we’ll save you some time and tell you that Tyson is 54 and Jones is 51. So yeah, hitting each other in the head for other people’s entertainment sounds like a good idea.

Lest you worry that this might the kind of event you should take seriously, please be aware that the YouTube guy Jake Paul is apparently also on this card, boxing a former NBA player. Because we’re all just doing whatever as our species rockets toward an extremely dumb extinction.

Will we end up watching some bullshit like this? Maaaaan, probably. I mean, shit, we watching Tito Ortiz beat up an aged and hapless version of Chuck Liddell, so clearly we do not respect ourselves. Do we expect to feel good after consuming this content? We do not. But maybe if we all do it together on Zoom we can at least feel like lowlife degenerates together? Something to think about.

Power Hour Preview

Our guy Bobby Knuckles is in kind of a weird place in his career right now, isn’t he? He lost his title to Izzy Adesanya. He had to take some time off when the MMA burnout got to be too much. Now he’s back to close out the “Fight Island” experiment in a main event bout with Darren Till on Saturday, and it kind of seems like we’re all going to read waaaay too much into whatever the result is here and use it to decide whether Robert Knuckles is moving up or plummeting down.

Unverified listener mail rant of the week

On Tuesday mornings I listen to the Proper while working out in my garage gym. During a heavy (heavy for me) set of squats I heard Chad’s deadpan, with a hint of exasperation and a dash of incredulity, delivery of the phrase (regarding a disparaging comment on Joey B) “he even sits like a bitch.”

Gentlemen, snot shot out of my nose, my tight core collapsed and unable to recover, I had to dumb the bar racked with steel plates. This calamity caused my dogs to bark as if Rousimar Palhares was breaking into the house, my son to drop his cereal bowl, shattering it into pieces and for my wife to come out and say “What fuck was that about??”

At that point it had lost its immediate humor and I could only reply “You don’t want to know and I don’t want to explain it.” I still get a chuckle out of it, though.

— Dave S.


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