Crystal Keys to Victory: UFC 274

Can you smelllllll what the rocksssss are cookin’?? (lol ok I’ll leave)

Before I get to the breakdown for UFC 274, let’s take a moment to appreciate dear Charles Oliveira. You may have noticed after every win he holds up what can only be described as a potato rock. Charles got this lucky stone from his father, and it’s meant to symbolize the story of David and Goliath. So do we claim him as a member of Team Crystal? TEAM STONES OF THE EARTH?! Yes. Yes we do. 

UFC 274

Charles Oliveira


Instills a calmness, settles the feeling of “butterflies”. Brings peaceful sleep to those who suffer from recurring nightmares. A talisman of luck, adds charm and eloquence while public speaking, naturally protective against envy, gossip, and deceit. 

I haven’t felt like this since Lewis vs Tuivasa. Justin Gaethje and Chucky Olives are truly two of my favorite fighters, and I just can’t choose who to root for here. I only chose Charles for this breakdown because I already featured Gaethje in one. 

So is Oliveira my pick? Not really? Maybe?? I don’t know?!? I wish they could BOTH win, and dance, and do backflips. This will be happy, sad, and (hopefully) fun as hell. 

Tony Ferguson


Mookaite emanates the energy of animal instinct. It’s restoring to the physical body, boosts confidence, slows aging. Promotes a youthful spirit willing to accept change and seek new experiences. Quiets the mind, is great for focusing on goals, projects, or for a motivational boost in the workplace.

Michael Chandler seems like a nice enough guy, but we’re all pulling for Tony here, right? What a moment that would be. If the Boogeyman pulls it off, Chandler’s entry into the UFC would become even more brutal. 1-3. Bru. Tal. 

Khaos Williams

Petoskey Stone

Native to Michigan, the Petoskey Stone brings peace, harmony, & splendor into your life. Enhances creativity, also has protective qualities, guards against violence, harm, or illness.

The word Petoskey originated as a Native American name, Pet-O-Sega, which translates to ‘Sunbeams of Promise”.  Khaos is 4-1 in the UFC so far, with only 1 decision loss to Michel Pereira. So at just 28 years old, we’re still watching those sunbeams of promise.

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