Crystal Keys to Victory: UFC 273

We’re back, crystal friends! Shoutout to the CME commenters who don’t understand this at all, lol.  

Every sport has a history of good luck charms and superstitions. This is no different. Molly McCann herself has dm’ed me and asked what crystals she can use. And we all see how that’s going for her. *wink *

Also let’s shout out our (Bigi) Boy, Jairzinho Rozenstruik! He’s on site in Jacksonville with his famous quartz crystal necklace, and what looks to be a possibly new opal, sunstone, or moonstone ring. Would love more info on that. 

Anyyyyway, I dub this Crystal Keys To Victory: Underdog Edition. Are these my official fight picks? No. But do these men need the extra help of the crystals and the universe? Lord yes.  

UFC 273

Chan Sung Jung

Helps transform your dreams into reality, unlocks psychic gifts, helps one come up with solutions to perceived problems and challenges, can make you feel less vulnerable and/or bothered. Truly helps people utilize their powerful skills and pushes them to exceed and master their craft. As I write this, Korean Zombie is the biggest underdog on the card. I chose an extremely rare stone, one that isn’t easy to come by. Volk hasn’t lost in 9 years, so a win against him won’t be easy to come by either. But I really do believe there’s a chance. 

Aljamain Sterling
Blue Kyanite 

Removes and releases blockages in emotions, assists in dealing with grief, letting go of the past, and curing guilt. Aids in the healing of broken bones, replenishes energy, protects from psychic attack. I can’t imagine the pressure Aljo is feeling. He won his belt in the weirdest of ways, got trash talked for a year, had neck surgery. What a rollercoaster. Will he get his redemption story? What if Aljo illegal knees Yan and loses his belt!? *pops popcorn

Gilbert Burns
Dragon Stone

A very powerful manifestation stone. Enhances courage, strength, power, and love. And you’ll notice yourself radiating that energy to others. Will make your wildest dreams seem achievable, and serves as a constant reminder that anything is possible. Am I completely on the Khamzat train? No I am not. We haven’t seen enough. I’ve bet against Burns before and he made me a fool. This will be a huge statement for whoever comes out on top. And obviously the real winners are us at home. After a week off, we deserve this wild, unpredictable card. 

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