Pretty sure this is the world’s first Dundasso tattoo

Perhaps this is the point where we lean-in close to listeners of the Co-Main Event Podcast and whisper, throatily: “You never stop surprising us.” Because, friends, we did not see this coming.

It seems longtime Co-Mainiac, beloved $10 patron and, at this point, FRIEND OF THE SHOW Josh K. went and got himself a Dundasso tattoo this week. Here’s the full photographic evidence of it in all its eye-poking, groin-kicking glory:

This, we’re pretty sure, is a first.

Now, do we recommend that EVERY CME listener run out and get a podcast-related tattoo as soon as possible? Well, honestly, we’d really like to, but our lawyer has advised against it. Seriously, though, when we sat down almost a decade ago (!) and decided to start an MMA podcast just for the LOLs, we never even dared imagine that someday people would get our weird iconography inked onto their bodies in a more or less permanent way. So, shout out to Josh, who has been a cool guy supporting the show for YEARS and now probably gets free beers 4 lyfe if we ever meet-up in person.

Gonna be honest, this feels like a whole new era for the show. What’s next, you crazy wildmen? Sir Nigel back piece? Olde English script that says “Listener Mail” across your chests? Maybe “Capital G Guy” along your knuckles? The possibilities are endless*.

One thing is now clear: All the little Co-Mainiacs have endowed us with a great and terrifying power and we promise to always treat that responsibility with the careful, sober consideration that it deserves.

Either that or we’ll drink a bunch of those new Mountain Dew alcohol drinks, drive out to the 10,000 Silver Dollar Bar and use your Patreon money to buy big fuckin’ Viking swords for our weapons room.

One or the other.

Oh, hey, before we let you go, if you’re not totally into the whole tattoo thing, did you know you can still buy this design on an actual T-shirt? Hell yeah, you can, dog. Hustle over to the CME shop and get you some.

*Seriously, though, please don’t get a CME tattoo unless you’ve spent, like, years thinking about it and deciding if it’s right for you. Because that’s a straight-up lifestyle choice, right there.

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