Enough already with the judging ‘controversies’

We can’t do it anymore, you guys. It’s too much. Seems like every damn weekend our social media timelines are clogged with people arguing about some MMA judges’ decision. Did they score it right? Did they score the ROUNDS right? What about the criteria? How about open scoring? ENOUGH. We’re done. Or, at least, we could stand do to it a lot less frequently. This week, new rule: one judging controversy a month. After that, you gotta shut up about it for the next 30 days.

Plus, did Holly Holm look a step slower at 40 years old? Did Eagle FC learn the hard way of the pitfalls of promoting fights between old-ass weirdsmobiles? Isn’t it GREAT to see Anderson Silva clown fools in the boxing ring?

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Episode 502