Few rave reviews for Izzy after UFC 276

On one hand, you gotta hand it to Israel Adesanya for beating Jared Cannonier in the UFC 276 main event without really seeming to try that hard. On the other hand, man, it really didn’t seem like he was trying that hard, did it? I guess when the Undertaker-inspired entrance gets better reviews than the fight, maybe that’s not a great sign. At this point, it’s pretty obvious there is a wide gulf between Izzy as advertised and the Izzy who actually shows up. If that’s the problem, though, maybe kickboxing nemesis Alex Pereira has arrived as a middleweight contender at exactly the right time?

Plus, Alexander Volkanovski kinda wore Max Holloway around like a hat. And TWO MMA retirements in one night? Many of us, it would seem, are getting too old for this shit.

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Episode 507