Brian Ortega’s wild week

Brian Ortega injured himself before his co-main event fight against Yair Rodriguez even started on Saturday, appearing to roll his ankle during Bruce Buffer’s fighter introductions. Then Ortega got lit up like a Roman candle by Rodriguez in round one. Got dropped. Got pounded on. Got his whole shit broke, basically. Somehow, though, Ortega rebounded in rounds two and three and ended up actually winning this thing with a gnarly arm triangle choke in the third. Damn! Add to this already delightful stew that Ortega entertained (?) reporters during prefight media festivities by telling an obviously bullshit story about eagles and – hoo boy – pretty weird week for that dude.

Plus, judges declared Royval the better Brandon (was he thooooough?) and Bellator fighters dominated PFL fighters in all the fights except the one that mattered most.

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