Dana White had stuff to do and OMG some idiots actually thought he was disrespecting Francis Ngannou?!?

Dana White

Dummies and goofs. That’s what the MMA internet is full of. How can you tell? Why, just look at how many people thought that there was some intentional disrespect going on when UFC President Dana White skipped out on putting the heavyweight title around Francis Ngannou’s waist after his win at UFC 270.

Idiots! Can you even imagine thinking that White would do something like that? And why, just because he’s been in a contentious contractual battle with Ngannou and his management, whom White has publicly criticized? Fucking morons!

White had a very good reason for not being in the cage after Ngannou’s victory over Ciryl Gane in the main event. It was because he had to do … something. Backstage. Because of, you know, stuff that was happening.

“I wasn’t out there for the main event, I actually walked out of the arena right after the co-main event, because there was stuff going on backstage that I was dealing with,” White said during a fan Q&A session with ESPN on Wednesday evening. “For anybody to think that I was showing any type of disrespect towards Francis, I saw Francis all week, you idiots. I shook his hand, I said hi to him, I was out there for the staredowns, the whole thing.”

Yeah, idiots! How could you think that the UFC President would dare disrespect the heavyweight champ that way? I mean, yes, the UFC did reportedly send an email to Ngannou’s manager threatening a lawsuit just hours before the fight itself. And yeah, White also skipped out on the post-fight press conference and all post-fight interviews. Presumably because of the aforementioned stuff, which apparently dominated the next several hours of his life and no one could possibly deal with it except White.

Now you’re telling me that some stupid jackasses actually thought that was him being a jerk about Ngannou winning?? Ridiculous! Did they not notice that, prior to the event, White said hello?!?

Honestly, where do these people even get these absurd ideas. Just because the UFC has been beefing with Ngannou over his contract? Just because they threatened legal action right before the fight? Don’t be stupid! That’s all totally normal stuff for a Saturday afternoon as your heavyweight champ is getting ready and focused. You tell him good luck, be safe out there, and oh by the way we are going to sue your ass. It’s just business.

And hey, hate to break it to you morons, but sometimes stuff happens backstage that requires the head honcho’s attention. Happens all the time. Like six years ago when Michael Bisping won the middleweight title and White was backstage “dealing with some stuff.”

“I sprinted from the back, I didn’t even have my jacket on,” White said. “I only had my shirt on to go out there and put the belt on Bisping.”

So, OK, that actually turned out to be a story about a time when he did make it back into the cage to put the belt on a guy he liked, but still! You can hear that anecdote and understand how, when you’re dealing with stuff, sometimes you might be able to sprint back to the cage in time and other times you might have to disappear entirely for the remainder of the evening. It happens, is the point.

And naturally, when unavoidable incidents such as that occur, you want to make sure people don’t get the wrong idea. That’s why you wait four days to offer your very vague and entirely non-specific excuse. I mean, that just makes sense. Only a true idiot could fail to grasp why that’s the clear way to play it.

Honestly, some of you people. Where do you even come up with these crazy conspiracy theories? It’s like you see one kinda weird and very uncommon absence, paired with one aggressive legal threat sent out just prior to the fight, combine it with the fighter’s manager saying he got an extremely fucked up racist text message from a Las Vegas phone number before the fight, and somehow you spin it into the UFC President being something other than extremely happy for Ngannou’s success? That’s crazy, you guys. Just absolutely, idiotically insane.

What makes it even worse is that the explanation is so much clearer and more reasonable. Stuff was going on. Backstage. Fucking duh. How could you ever have thought there might be anything else to it?

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